Friday, June 27, 2014

23 Mobile Things #2: Mobile Device Tips

Okay, information overload here!  Since I am playing catch-up, I will admit to trying to do too much at once, and so am a bit overwhelmed by everything I did NOT know about my iPad.  I can be a bit forgiven about my iPhone, since that is relatively new, (I had your basic "flip" phone before).

Some of the things that I have now just discovered --

  • I can take screen shots of my iPad -- that is something I am going to find very useful as I regularly take screen shots of webpages on my desktop/laptop whenever I need to remember a webpage or what was on that webpage
  • I now have messaging activated on my iPad -- didn't have that before and will be useful as I text more than I call
  • I can now add emoticons to my text messages!  I know, not exactly a big deal, but certainly a great deal of fun
  • I learned which apps I can turn off in order to save on battery life -- always a good thing
And there is more to explore, now I know where to go to find tips and tricks

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