Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I am not currently a member of any social networking group -- except for now Facebook and the 23 Things On A Stick Ning. It will be interesting to see how much I will find myself participating in any of these or other online communities -- the groups I visited that are listed on the blog didn't call to me, and it just could be that I just haven't seen the online community that is a good fit for me.

If I had to guess at what type of online community might appeal, I can see one that reviews movies (I may have to go back to those listed in the blog) as I do read movie goer reviews (as posted on such sites as Internet Movie Database).

In the work arena, it might be an interesting idea to create an online community of our science librarians -- we meet quarterly for lunch, and exchange emails, but an actual online community where we could post online forums, upload video tutorials for constructive criticism and the like, might be very useful.

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MR said...

Online social groups aren't that different than real life socializing in some ways. You never know where you might meet a person online who ends up being a great online pal.

I think Facebook is nicer than MySpace. It seems far less messy and chaotic to me.