Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thing TwentyTwo -- Tying the String Around the Finger [out of order -- #23 is below]

I am very fortunate in that (1) I am surrounded by younger librarians for whom Web 2.0 is already a daily part of their lives. I have let many of them know I was doing 23Things, and they have been generous in sharing their insights and experiences with 2.0 tools; and (2) many of the 2.0 tools are already in place here at my institution. The U Libraries is the host for the University blogs (UThink) and many of my colleagues already use blogs as a way to communicate with their users. My one regret is that we had a webmaster who use to delight in popping up now and then to show off a new web 2.0 tool that he had just discovered -- he was so good at what he does, that he has since been co-opted into the Libraries IT department and I only see him occasionally.

I do try to keep up with "things" and I was surprised at how many of the tools that were showcased in 23Things I had already known about, if not actively using them. My resolution is to go back over all of the "things" and work on how to incorporate them, if we are not already doing so, into web-pages or other areas that will connect us closer to our users. Some of the RSS feeds that I set up during 23Things covers Web/Library 2.0 topics and I may add more (but not too many -- don't want to get overwhelmed).

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Ann WS said...

Love your poster--Confucius was wise ahead of his time. Congratulations on finishing all 23 things. Keep learning and using the tools as the need arises. Stay tuned for more on a stick in fall or winter.