Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thing TwentyThree -- Done!! (Pant, pant)

I did it! I finally finished.
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It was the most fantastical journey(my quote). I started late, so was unable to spend the time I would have liked getting to know all of the different "things" as thoroughly as I would have liked. I think there was a great mix of Things to explore, the blog posts describing the Thing, Thing resources, examples and suggestions for use was very well thought out and I greatly appreciated the blog prompts.

I don't know how much of the Things I will end up continuing to use or explore -- not everything appeals to everyone, but there was plenty of variety to go around. I did receive lots of food for thought and have already initiated conversations with other staff members about incorporating some aspects of the Things that we are not already doing. I have even set up Web 2.0 Things for my spouse, as we had been talking about ways to expand his reach into cyberspace.

I plan to back-track my way through the Things, picking out those Things that especially appealed to me, or I just wasn't able to spend the time exploring as I would have liked. I did get frustrated at times at all the different accounts that had to be set up (afterwards web master told me that, yes, someone has designed another tool to gather up all those diverse accounts -- but I can't remember the name of it now). Time was a frustration as well, since I was playing catch-up, trying to do at least two Things per week, often on the weekends, both at work and at home.

Final word? I would do it all over again gladly. This was one of those learning experiences where I will not forget it a month after its completion. It was extremely valuable in the concepts that were introduced, the style of learning -- that was almost the best part (!), as having to write up about the experiences forced one to actually do and think about the modules, rather than give them only a token try and moving on to the next Thing. The newsletters helped with motivation, the comments to the major blog helped clear up minor difficulties.

Thanks to all who set this up -- you all are an exceptional group of people.

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