Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thing Eight -- It's All About the Sharing

Sharing is a good Thing -- its basically what we do in libraries already -- sharing resources, ideas and information. These tools just provide different ways of doing that.

I had become acquainted with SlideShare nearly a year ago. I was involved in a collaborative project with an academic department where after a class presentation, we needed to post the powerpoint slides, but within context of other resources. I was extremely happy to be told about SlideShare, since it fit the bill very nicely. Here is a link to the section of the web-page, in case anyone is interested in how it was embedded.
For this post, I have uploaded different presentation -- it is very easy to do:

Photo Montages
Here is a photo montage of Flexible Fred. I had hoped that I could just pull from my Flickr account, but no, had to create yet another account (they are not that difficult to do, but are piling up). Once I created the account, uploading pix and creating the montage was incredibly easy -- and very fun to do. I can see where this could be a very exciting way to post pictures from open houses or other events -- even as a way of introducing staff in an unusual way!


Bombed out on this one -- couldn't get into the website must be over-loaded as I tried all morning to get to the web-site and never got anywhere. I will have to come back and revisit this one.

Here is the link to my eFolio page. Took a bit to figure it out and it appears I didn't always remember to click "finish" when I thought I was done entering/editing a section. This is something that I will have to work over several times before I can get it to look the way I want it to. It does have nice features and makes you think about your career -- where it has been and where you want it to go. I can see where you can some fun/stamp your personality on it, as well.

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