Saturday, March 1, 2008

Things Four, Five, Six -- Pick Up Sticks

I had been aware of Flickr for some time, just never explored it. I have on occasion, done photo shoots in the library to create images for brochures, open houses, flyers and the web-pages. I decided for this exercise to use the pix I had taken of Flexible Fred, our anatomical skeleton mascot. He is a very willing (with a little help) model.

Creating a Flickr account (yet another set of user names and passwords) was easy, as was uploading the pictures. Adding the initial tags was also easy, requiring an analysis of each photo as to what elements of it would interest a person searching the collection (do people really look for pix of measuring sticks?). Our web page software contains an imaging module that I had played with when first introduced to it, but lacked the time to go back to. This introduction to Flickr reminds me that it is available, and should be dusted off and re-examined.

Oh, and if you want to see more pixs of Fred, the Flickr account name is CedarLakeReflections (for when I have time to upload my more "picturesque" photos) and the collection is Flexible Fred.

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