Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thing Fifteen -- Got Me Sea Legs

Rather nice to have a legitimate excuse to play games. Getting started with Puzzle Pirates was relatively easy (pirate name: Librarykate). I took to bilge pumping like an old pro -- I had played a similar game and so had a skill set to bring to the game. Carpentry was bit more difficult -- but I got a few "good jobs" out of it. I earned money, learned how to barter, and right from the start, was asked to become a "hearty" with someone else and won and lost a sword match. I didn't have much time to spend on exploring interacting with other characters -- such as going on a long sea voyage or pillaging with other pirates. It was rather fascinating to watch all the other characters that were not part of the stock players wandering around on either the ship or on the island. More intricate play of the game involves collaboration with other players to get more loot or earn more money.

I will have to comment later on Second Life. I had heard lots about it, but had never signed up to create an avatar. I know about the libraries that exist there, especially the medical library. Just the idea of creating a library presence in a virtual world -- which is many ways we are trying to do anyway, as more and more patrons are accessing information and library resources via the web rather than coming in and using them in a physical library -- is exciting.

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