Monday, March 17, 2008

Thing Fourteen -- LIbrary Thing

I learned about LibraryThing some time ago and had created an account, added about three titles -- and then never got back to it again. So thanks for reminding me about it. We have a student, that as part of a intern project, was asked to help create a "catalog" for charter-type school that didn't have a formal library. One of our staff suggested to her to use LibraryThing as a way to easily create a library catalog that was web-accessible.

I can see using LibraryThing as a way interesting way to add new book titles lists, lists on various topics for classes or just "an interesting read" for the week/month.

Oh, and once I got back into my LIbraryThing account, it didn't take me long to hit the 200 book limit -- I think for myself I may upgrade my account -- I had planned for ages to catalog my personal collection sometime and have yet to get around to it -- now maybe I can!

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