Monday, March 31, 2008

Thing Eighteen -- Smile, You Are On Candid Camera!

I Love YouTube! While I am aware of all of the copyright issues for many of the clips that are uploaded, I have found it a fascinating place to go if I want to find a clip from an old TV show, a music video, old commercials or funny videos about libraries or librarians. The clip I chose is perhaps not of the best quality, but I like it because it is a mash-up of all sorts of library/librarians videos, many of which I have viewed and enjoyed.

Here is a little mini-video that I shot with my digital camera. Thanks for introducing me to Jumpcut. I had been looking for a way to edit and post mini-vidoes.

Now that I know how easy it can be (oh, as easy as anything is, once you figure out how to use the editing tools and find that really cool audio file), just creating mini library tours or short tutorials that star library staff can be a really interesting public relations tool.

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