Monday, March 17, 2008

Thing Twelve -- Nothing But The News

Okay, I fudged this one -- I visited the various different social news sites (I like the set-up of Mixx the best), but when it came to the "sharing" part, where I would have had to create accounts for each site, I balked. How does everyone keep track of all the accounts they make for each social/Web 2.0 thing? Do they just use the same username and password over and over and over and over again? I am writing everything down in a notebook just to keep track of all the accounts, etc. Its why I am leaning on Google so much, because I can just add another feature to my already existing account.

I can see where this is important, in that it is a gauge of what is in the popular interest -- depending on which site you visit. I just went a tour of all four, checking different categories (science / technology / entertainment / fun) and none of them -- none -- had exactly the same stories in the top listings. Does make you think.

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