Thursday, July 10, 2014

23 Mobile Things #15: Infographics

Rather disappointed in both Infographics Hub and info.Graphics.  I am having considerable trouble just getting Infographics Hub to respond -- I don't know what the issue is.  After I downloaded the app, I did not get the the views shown in the help getting started -- all I got was a big blank screen and when I tapped on the menu bar and tried to access one of the categories, I was asked to register (yes, a frequent request of most of the apps featured).  However, though I filled out the registration screen, the app is now locked -- with the "register button" unresponsive.  I did try to shut my iPad off, then on again (reboot so to speak) and tried again with the same results.

I had better luck with info.Graphics, though I found the displayed infographics limited and it has no search function, so I can't look for infographics on a specific topic, but only in broad categories and hope to find one I am interested in.  

I also tried both of the apps for creating infographics.  Visualize looked to be the one that has the most versatility, however, whenever I added an image, graphic, etc., to the workspace, tapped to bring up the effects menu, no matter what function I tapped on the effects menu, I would get bounced out of the app.  So, if I wanted to use this app to create an infographic, I would be limited as to what I could do with any images or text that I would use to create the infographic -- as well as risk getting bounced out of the app at a moments notice.  This problem may not be an issue with the full version, or I may be having just some funky issues with the free version.  

I liked i Visual Info Touch.  It is more limited in scope than Visualize, but I did like the library of shapes that came with the free version and it was fairly simple to use.  I do have trouble re-sizing text.  It seems to take about 10 tries before the textbox responds to my attempts to re-size, while I don't have the same problem with re-sizing the graphics.  I did have fun creating a simple infographic and I can see where this could come in handy if you needed to create an infographic on the fly.  Saving the completed infographic to the camera roll didn't seem to be a big deal, as that means it could be easily uploaded to Dropbox, or emailed

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