Monday, July 14, 2014

23 Mobile Things #18: Education

Similar to games or hobbies, the apps listed in the Thing can be addictive.  It was rather hard to stop trying out a score of apps --- and continue my education in a variety of ways.  There are a couple of these apps that I think I will keep around, while a few are good for a short period of time.

I tried out the Eat This Not That app -- and was finished with it in no time.  Not that I got everything right, but the free version is very limited and I quickly went through it.  Since it is a timed "game", I mostly just took stabs in the dark, based on my somewhat sketchy knowledge of what foods you should be avoiding.  Probably would have done better if I had more time to think about and study each food set presented.  

The 3D Brain is pretty cool, with the ability to rotate and get deeper into the various parts of the brain itself.  I can see where this one could be very helpful for people studying the brain or have questions about how the brain works.

artCircles has a really interesting presentation, and depending on how you spin the circles, the types of art you can view changes.  This app has the power of several hours of entertainment and education.  I could learn a good deal about the different art genres, while just enjoying the art itself.  I do like to go to art museums, so this becomes a "pocket" art museum.

Google Earth is just plain fascinating, especially when you start looking up your own location.  The app version doesn't get down to street level, but with enough detail that you can recognize your own dwelling.  I just discovered the settings, when I could add panoramic photos option.  That puts little squares that you can tap on to the map for photos of that area.  That is helpful when you can't get down to street level.

Science 360 is another one of those apps that will take time to enjoy, browse and learn much from.  Swiping around the 360 view can make one dizzy, but tapping into each picture and the info that goes with each picture is a delight.  Won't get bored waiting for an flight with this app available.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Duolingo app.  I couldn't test out of my second language German, (okay it has been several years since I used it).  With this app I can dust off my rusty language skills (mixed metaphor there) -- I do like that it is both a visual and audio learning app.  I realized I could have done better in the testing out if my language spelling skills were better (I did better in translating written into English than English in German).  What I didn't check for is if it also includes learning to speak the language -- I would not be surprised if it does.

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