Thursday, July 3, 2014

23 Mobile Things #9: Taking & Editing Photos

Oooohhhh, now this "thing" is much closer to my heart -- I love photography, especially nature photography and I can see a lot of potential here.  I also take pictures of our library's events and this is going to make it easier to take and edit them.  I have taken pictures with my iPad for work, but until now, had to transfer them to my laptop in order to do any editing of them.  Now, I can take pixs with the iPad and edit and share them without needing to transfer.

I have downloaded LINE Camera,  Photo Editor by Aviary and Color Splurge.   Each of these apps has its highpoints (and low points).  With LINE Camera, I liked how easy it was to use the special effects -- though the names of special effects was puzzling, and sometimes I couldn't see what the actual difference was -- but some were pretty cool, such as the charcoal and paper effect.  I also like the the brush (stamps) function -- really fun and funky, as well as the ability to add text in various fonts and colors.

Photo Editor by Aviary also has some cool special effects (again with puzzling names), but also includes a cool set of "stickers", like hats, sunglasses, though bubbles that can be added to jazz up a photo.  It also includes the general photo editing aspects, such as focus, cropping, light adjusting, etc., which LINE also has, but to a lesser extent.

Color Splurge allows one to add color to a picture that has been rendered black & white -- the options allow for either the original color to be added back in, or you can chose to change to a different color scheme.  This will be fun to play with to see if some really interesting effects can be made with the contrast of black & white to splashes of color.

I am very happy to have be introduced to these free photo editing apps.  They will help enhance both my personal and work photography.

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