Wednesday, July 2, 2014

23 Mobile Things #4: Keeping Up

Back when I participated in 23 Things On A Stick, I learned about RSS feeds and had set up several for myself as part of the exercises -- and for a while there actually visited them and read the postings.  After a while, certain feeds either died, grew sparse or I just became to "busy" to bother visiting my feed.

Since RSS feeds were first introduced, the way information is presented and made accessible has changed considerably.  The idea of a personal "magazine" that is more than just a list of links with a couple of words to peak your interest, is fantastic.  I downloaded Flipboard and I just love the way things are presented, how you can chose or customize the types of feeds you get, and it includes video feeds as well.  The "flip page" technology is a big boon to this type of feed, where you really feel like you are flipping through a magazine, rather than visiting a series of webpages.  I also like that you are not stuck with your choices and can change things around when your interests change.

This app is going to be very useful for traveling and when away from my usual sources of news information -- 

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