Thursday, July 10, 2014

23 Mobile Things #17: Connecting to Community

I wasn't sure what to expect for this Mobile Thing -- and because of it I discovered a whole slew of useful apps that didn't occur to me existed.

I like to travel and sight-see, but really don't get out much to do so.  When I can, I do drive to local and national conferences, and plan to visit various sites along the way.  I also commute from Wisconsin to Minnesota and so road conditions can be very important to me -- a matter sometimes of a difference of 90 minutes commutes vs 3 hour + commutes.

Most of the apps that I found are most useful on my smartphone, since they involve traveling.  having Minnesota 511 and its companion Wisconsin version, can be a life-saver, especially during the winter months.  The Wisconsin road condition app will also be very helpful when when setting out on long road trips, as usually most road trips that I take seem to involve traveling through large stretches of Wisconsin.  I have also found and downloaded the Travel Wisconsin app  which looks to be a treasure-trove of Wisconsin parks, natural wonders, local events/festivals as well as the Wisconsin DNR app, which also lists wildlife viewing areas, GPS maps and more.

On the Minnesota end of things, I added the UpNorthExplorer, which covers both the Minnesota and Wisconsin sides of "Up North".  And of course, who doesn't go to the annual Great Minnesota Get-Together.  I go with my sister every year and this year, I will have the Minnesota State Fair app, which will help me locate all those new foods, where the bathrooms are and provide an interactive map so I won't get turned around as often.

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