Thursday, July 10, 2014

23 Mobile Things #19: Hobbies

None of the apps listed really appealed to me, so I found one that did -- craftgawker lite.  When I have the time (which unfortunately is seldom lately), I love to do crafty things.  Craftgawker lite (the free version) is a lovely way for looking for craft ideas.  You can scroll through the pictures, either looking at the latest posts, what have been popular, or you can search by keyword for those crafts that most interest you, or have aspects that you are interested in -- for example, I have been interest lately in anything that has to do with "tea."  On Craftgawker lite, I found body scrubs made with tea, soaps, bird feeders made out of teacups and saucers, knitted tea cozys, tea towel printing using lemons as stampers, tea potpourri and so much, much more.  Once you create an account and log-in, by tapping on the picture, you get to the directions or recipes for the crafts well as save your favorite photos by tapping on a heart icon.

There is also a category section, so if you don't want to search, you can look at things via categories, such as bath & body, candles, knitting, clay & pottery and so on.  There is a Craftgawker website, and the mobile app links to the website.  New pictures are posted weekly.

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