Thursday, July 3, 2014

23 Mobile Things #7: Content & Sharing

I had heard of Pinterest and bitly, and had seen other people's uses of them, but had never gotten around to really exploring them my self.  At first, when I went to join Pinterest, I got very confused by all of the boards presented to me, and for the life of me, could find the bottom navigation bar -- just miles of scrolling through boards -- didn't realize that there is a big difference between looking at Pinterest on its website and (finally) realizing that I hadn't actually downloaded the app.  The confirming email took some time to show up in the my inbox, so that was a bit frustrating as well.

However, here we are the next day, I have rectified the web version vs app version -- and now the world is rosy.  A little exploring showed me how to limit which boards I wanted to see, how to create my own boards and how to "pin" items from existing boards, or pull in my own pictures to share with others.  That part will be interesting.  I already share my photography on a site called "Capture Wisconsin" and "Capture Minnesota", but both of those sites are limited to pictures taken with those state borders.  So, it looks like with Pinterest, I can share my photography outside of Wisconsin and Minnesota -- will be interesting to see where that leads!

One of the pictures I posted to Pinterest

We don't use Pinterest here at my library, but my institution does have a Pinterest account -- so far all photo sharing of our events is through Facebook, but it may be worth the discussion to see if there is any interest.

I did sign up for bitly as well, but haven't had a chance to use its functions -- but I have added it to my Puffin set of bookmarks.  I can see where this will come in handy, especially in informational webpages, where you would want to list the url, but it is very long and cumbersome to do so.

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