Monday, July 14, 2014

23 Mobile Things #22: Discovering Apps

I have downloaded the Apps Gone Free.  I can see where this will be a very useful way to find free apps, and also a way to find the most ridiculous and fun apps.  Just now, after downloading the app and seeing what was available for free today, there is an app just for wind chimes.  All it is (of course I downloaded the app -- I love wind chimes) is a a wind chime, gently swaying in the breeze -- until you swipe at it (I found it out when trying to see if there was anything else to this app) and the chime stricker will swing all sorts of directions, depending on how you swipe at it.  And then it settles down to a gentle chime -- and unlike a real chime, the sound tubes don't get tangled up.

Another value of the day, is SmartScan -- you can scan, crop, edit, save and e-mail receipts, bills, etc. and it finds the edges of the object -- and you have some flexibility in determining that, control contrast and light and color.  It is pretty easy to use and has a function where you can take multiple scans of an object without having to actually "take" multiple takes.

I do like Quixey -- it is difficult to find free apps at the Apple store, even when you use the search box.  Quixey is easy to use, provides much better and relevant results and includes pricing information.  This will be the place I will go when I am looking for a new app.  

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