Wednesday, July 2, 2014

23 Mobile Things #5: Notetaking

WOW -- Bamboo Paper is awesome.  Words cannot describe what I felt after I downloaded this app and then tried it out.  The uses are endless.  I think I will find this app the most useful for conference attendance.  When I attend a conference, I mostly take written notes of ideas and concepts when listening to speakers.  Typing on the small keyboard for iPad usually produces too many typos and I have a very non-linear way of taking notes anyway (lots of arrows, stars and diagrams).  I can see where using Bamboo paper may allow me to take "written" notes on my iPad, with all the arrows and stars and circling and underling and be able to send it to Dropbox later as a pdf.  

I also like the fact that pictures can be inserted, sized and moved around, and then notes made about the subject of the pictures -- such as taking a snapshot with the iPad of a library interior, inserting it into a Bamboo paper "book" and then make notes and suggestions about changes since you can "write" on top of the photos -- which will come in handily as we contemplate physical space changes in our library.

I also downloaded Dragon Diction -- the idea of being able to talk into your iPad, have it converted to editable text -- has possibilities.  The only problem that I noted, and it may have been that I wasn't speaking load enough (something I will have to test away from my office), it that unless I held the iPad very close to my mouth, the microphone didn't pick up very well.  On the other hand, when I did speak directly into the mike, all of the words came through correctly.  I can see where this capability will come in handy on those times, such as walk-throughs, where you can't stop to write something down.

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